The Future

Our vision is that our village will become a “mother village” that will support the creation of many similar eco-villages across Dominica that will, bit by bit, transform the way Dominicans live–from dependent on foreign resources (which weakens Dominica’s economic sovereignty) to living from and with Dominica’s vast natural resources in a way that enhances both human lives and the life of the island itself.

Disaster Preparedness

Our group and the proposals we have drawn up existed well before Dominica was struck with Hurricane Maria. But through living on the island and seeing the changes in the climate over the last 20 years we saw from the start there was a need to build communities with Disaster Preparedness in mind.

Our community has a Disaster Preparedness Plan that includes gathering and storing supplies and food; building and maintaining a community safe space. We know with proper planning and community effort a hurricane can be survived with basic needs intact for many months after.

Our Vision

A community of people who strive to live in an egalitarian, ecologically friendly, culturally aware and healthy manner.

A community of people of all ages who want to live in a peaceful, safe, village with special programs for children and families with young children; the elderly .

A community of people who are deeply committed to Organic Agriculture and Tropical Perma Culture Ideology;
Preservation of Traditional Sustainable Ways of Living

Celebration of Traditional and Indigenous Cultures of Dominica

Promoting Caribbean Health and Wellness

through example, education, exploration, science and eco tourism.

A community of people who want to live in Dominica; who love Dominica;

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